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Meet the Characters!

i've just discovered a model hosting site that will enable you all to see the models first hand! just click and drag to rotate around the model and use the middle mouse button to move the model!
please note that i am still learning about this viewer, so the lighting is a bit faulty and it takes a few minutes to load the colours/textures/normal textures and i can't get it to embed directly to the site, so just follow the link:

Cynder(click to view in 3D)

Cynder the Dragon

<iframe width="640" height="480" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen src="…"></iframe>
hi everyone.
so, as some of you were aware, we were supposed to have a chat session this weekend, but a lack of organisation on my part meant it was a bit of a flop and didn't go ahead. it was going to just be for writers and some contributors, but i figured that it should be open to everyone. so, anyone who is interested, let me know and come join us NEXT saturday at 1pm UTC (global standard time). to find out what time this is for you, go here… in the first selection put in UTC (it's at the top of the list) and for the second, find your nearest city.
i do realise this time won't work for everyone, but it is unimaginably difficult to find a time that dose. already this means that it will be 9am for some people, where for me it is 11pm. if you really want to participate but this time dose not work for you, please let me know ASAP and i will try to reorganise for an earlier/later time if possible.
The chat topic will mainly be about the opening cutscenes/ level 1 of the game (as in what should happen during this time) BUT also a few other topics as well. it will also be a good opportunity for those who want to contribute more but aren't sure where to start :)

now, on a separate topic: some of our more active members may remember we were trying to gather points to become a Supergroup. good news, we finally have enough, i purchased the last remaining points we needed two days ago. so now i'm just waiting for that payment to go through, but it will buy us a supergroup for the next 12 months :)

and thank you to all the volunteers who offered to test the demo. it's still under construction so it may take a little while to come out, having some problems with the physics settings in Blender.
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here at the legend of cynder creation group, we are attempting to make a fan made game, continuing TLoS. the name, The Legend of Cynder: Shadows of the past. yes we are making it from scratch! if you want to chip in let us know! you don't need experience to assist! we need voice actors, script writers character designers, landscape designers and so on. if you do have experience with game creation however, you could help create characters, program the game, create the landscapes and so on! if you just want to follow us, join our members
all are welcome!

Cynder and Spyro have long since defeated Malefor, the Dark Master and all is at peace. Joy and excitement spreads across the land as all dragons came to the Temple to have thier eggs guarded by the three elemental gaurdians and along with the Purple and Black dragons (Spyro and Cynder). Cynder's name had been cleared and the other dragons no longer refer to her as 'The terror of the skies'.

But as the relaxed atmosphere spreads, Cynder becomes anxious and overly protective of the eggs, and for good reason too. far away, the Dark Master's heir to the thrown, Chernobog is regathering Malefor's forces and some of his own, the Shadow-Tails.

When an attack on the Temple occurs, Cynder is determend not to let any other hatchlings suffer the same fate as herself. The attack is lead by Ignito, a corrupted dragon, whom they discover was also taken by Gaul, the Ape King on the night Cynder was taken, however, Malefor drained his powers corrupting Cynder and, Ignito was corrupted but stayed his natural age, and is only now old enough to take Cynder's place.

They soon discover this is only the begining of Chernobog's attacks and they seek help from the lost Gaurdians, Atmos, the Wind Guardian, Fern the Nature Guardian, Venom, the Toxic Guardian, Externo, the Fear Guardian and Tenebrea, the Shadow Guardian. But first they have to find them. Only with the help of the lost Guardians do they stand a chance against Ignito and Chernobog.

Chernobog is the property of :iconmre380: ©
fern, Atmos, tenebrea, Externo and Vemom are property of :iconcrystal-dragon1: ©
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Gallery Folders

Stamps, music and other
other fan stories
TloC translation-Spanish


Dynamic Glitter Text Generator at
Read the offical story! anyone wanting to help us out should read it to get a better idea of what we're doing
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5:…
Chapter 6:…
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8:…
Chapter 9: being written.

contact us.
the easiest way is to leave a comment or note here :D
got something you want to send? a voice recording? 3D model? ect. send an email to here
or go to our main website:

Ok. so here are our teams and groups. each team has a job to do
the teams so far:

The Teams:
(last updated on: July 2 2013 )

voice cast
:iconshadowpredator100: as Spyro
:iconiceflame1019: as sparx/malefor
:iconblue-assassin: leading as teen Cynder…
:iconmre380: Leading as Seth
:iconseeraphine: leading as Adult Cynder…
:iconlittlebudgie: as Zerali
:iconsithman91: as nightstream
:iconsouldragonwithflow: leading as Cyrill
:iconmichaelgabrielr: leading as Brunn…
:iconxeros-deviantart: undecided
:iconcasirethedragon11: as Casire
:iconbelitinog: as undecided…
:iconpurpledragongirl: as volteer
:icontoa-ignicus: leading as Ignitus…
:icon3600letgo: as Ekosell…
:iconmattbonner12: as Extruno…
:iconamandadragoness115: as zreetla…
:iconrukua: as Terador…

:icondeethirteen: (writing adviser and critique writer)
supporting writters:iconthedragonlorddl: :iconfenrirconnell:

sound team/music writers
:icondrakecold: music writer/composer
:iconsonicexcel: music writer
:iconmre380: music composer

concept artists and character designers and other
:iconsparkaii: website designer/ designer of ekosell
:iconmre380: creator of chernobog, the villain
:icondawnszero: name creator (the legend of Cynder: Shadows of the past)

concept artists:
:iconroguedraken:  :icondreamy-days:  :iconthe-legand-spyro: :iconlittlealchemydragon: :iconhunterofavalar: :iconpurpledragongirl: :iconiceflame1019: :iconkogoro-inc::icondarksoulb:

model creation

character detailers/ textuers (scales ect)

level modeling (detailers)


special effects

Scuba111223 from Blender artists forum

Dynamic Glitter Text Generator at
Read This by DarkQasim
1. submit all artworks to the new submitions folder
2. nothing with a strict mature theme (strict mature themes can not be viewed by persons under 18 and therefore 95% of our group, including the founder, can not view it) moderate mature themes are allowed but must have a warning on them.
3. please NO pictures of naked anthro Cynder with particular women's parts (in otherwords, no human-like nudity) this WILL be declined straight away. pictures of Cynder with non-detailed parts have been excepted before, but this is no longer the case as very young people are part of this group, the youngest i think (and could be wrong) is 11. keep that in mind.
4. THIS IS NOT A CYNDER/SPYRO FAN CLUB. this group is for a game project, not to promote Cynder art, i'm sorry. many of our affiliates have that purpose or you can submit to favorites. unless you have directly contributed to the legend of Cynder game in some way (this dose not necisarly mean submitting concept art, it could be through music, voice acting, programing etc) you CAN NOT submit art unrealted to TLoC
5. same as #4, all artwork submitted must be spyro related, but at the same time must be also related to the advancement of this project.

don't ask us why we declined your submission, we'll ask you to read these rules.


for those who are willing to spend some time and effort to help us make this game or for those who want to chip in make some friends and experience online teamwork, we invite you to join as CONTRIBUTORS, just tell us what you want to do to help and well accept it, even the smallest amount of help is greatly appreciated.

but for those who still want to be a part of this game, but doesnt want or unable to help we are still encouraging you to support us by joining this group as a MEMBER. (pls tell us if you'll chose this too)

as a contrubutor, you will get privleges like:
voting on group decisions, such as alowing art in and alowing people to join. don't be shy.
post journals, however, they must be relevent to the group
and because of piracy terms we are only giving contributors the privilege of testing out test levels (game testers)
and more

though i recommend you guys to go in the chatroom when youre online, just to take the chance that atleast 2 people meet there and discuss things




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abdoubouam Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
hi, i'm new to this group, i want to help if i can
Crystal-Dragon1 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
awesome. what would you like to do to help :)
abdoubouam Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
i don't know, what do you have for me?
Crystal-Dragon1 Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
we have lots lol. do you prefer concept art, music, programming, modelling/texturing/animation or writing?
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AliceFox11 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
Hey, I'm made video with my TLoC voicing! 😄 Link:…
Crystal-Dragon1 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
the link doesn't work, it says the video is listed as private. if you go into the settings and check 'public' instead of 'private' it should work :)
CynderBlackDragon Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  New member Student Artist
CynderBlackDragon Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  New member Student Artist
Crystal-Dragon1 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
of cource :)
just be sure to read the rules before submitting anything :)
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